I’m going to ask you guys a serious question and I expect an honest answer. Bro’s don’t lie to other bro’s so lets all be completely honest. I’m sure that I’m not the only one that’s had the pleasure of being with a sexy girlfriend, at least I sure hope not. We all know that for whatever reason girls are always taking suggestive selfies of themselves. Some are nude, some are not, what they all have in common is guys like us want to see them. So what I’m asking is would you share your girlfriends private selfies with anyone that wanted to see them? I know I sure would and it’s exactly why I know you guys are going to love the GF Revenge discount.

I think there’s no real reason to get spiteful when the time comes to break up with your girl. However, why not make that moment count and give some bro’s like us a little taste of what made that girl so fucking hot? Think about it guys, this is exactly why we’re all friends here and to continue that tradition I’m going to let you get loads more discounts here!

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Your Next Girlfriend

Oh my lord, if I knew for a fact that I wasn’t dreaming I’d happily let you guys slap me in the face. Is this girl for real or what? Dreamy might be one of the nicer words that I’d use for her, totally smoking hot might be a better one. Seeing this girl almost reminds me of the time that I used these offers here to get myself a little action. Although, the more that I think about it could anything really compare to having this stunner as your actual girlfriend? I think not!

I know a few of you guys might feel a little shy, or maybe even a little embarrassed about seeing such a good looking girl right before your eyes. I’d like to invite those of you that feel this way to give yourself a little confidence by using The GF Network discount for $25 off the regular price. Is it going to give you wings? I seriously doubt it, however what it is going to do is let you guys be yourselves while of course enjoying some seriously sexy looking girlfriends.

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