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[GUEST BLOG] Don’t get desperate when searching for teen pussy

Desperation is kind of a nasty cologne that teens pick up on even over long distances. Seriously. It’s kind of like a nasty signal that you send and teens from all over the world, it doesn’t matter what they look like, it doesn’t matter their education, it doesn’t matter their backgrounds, they will easily pick up on that signal and probably turn the other direction and run for the hills. It seems like teens from all backgounds have some sort of built-in anti-desperation radar. They just pick up on it without even trying. It just comes naturally to them.

The bottom line? Teens hate desperate guys. You have to understand that even if you look like Leonardo Dicaprio and your cock is over 12 inches long, teens would still not want to touch you with a ten foot pole because you smell of desperation. They equate desperation with guys who are losers. So whenever you are searching for free local pussy in desperation mode be ready to fail.

Especially if you’re looking for pussy online, you need to get over this real quick. You need to understand that any hint of desperation will destroy your game. That’s why when you’re looking for pussy, you have to assume that teens are already sucking your dick. You have to assume that they’re ready to eat your ass. You have to assume that they’re ready to spread their ass cheeks and let you fuck them in the ass.

In other words, you have to assume the role of a bull instead of a bitch. That’s the essence of looking for pussy because it’s all a head game. And guess what? The only person on this planet who has the power to fuck you up is yourself.

So stop getting in the way of you finding sexy teen pussy online. When you look for pussy, especially on adult dating sites try and look confident. Get rid of any sort of desperation, doubt or any other bullshit. Do these things and you will for sure find teen pussy online and get laid whenever you want and wherever you want.


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