Bragging Rights

Is it wrong to look at a girl and have naughty thoughts? I guess that could be answered in a few ways. Of course if it’s consensual and she is of age nothing bad can come of it, well not unless she has a boyfriend and doesn’t tell you. A few years ago I was dating this petite little stunner and while she had a smoking hot body there was a certain something that drove her wild and I want you guys to swallow your pride and guess what it was!

I’ll even give you a little hint… she liked living life large if you get my drift. She told me the guy she was seeing before me just couldn’t satisfy her sexual desires. It made me feel like a real man knowing that I could do something that another guy couldn’t, more so because I totally had a bigger penis. I’m trying not to brag too much but I guess it might be coming across that I am. Tell you what guys, just use this Broken Teen discount for 81% off and for once I’ll let someone else do some bragging.

Ready to party

Back when I was younger and dumber I was always getting into trouble and doing silly things. I’m sure you guys can relate to that. It wasn’t like I was boosting cars or stealing. I had a real urge to share my girlfriends amateur sex videos and pictures. It wasn’t like she was against it or anything, she was the one who convinced me to do it. My girl was a real cheeky babe, she always wanted to have sex in public and it didn’t really bother her if anyone was watching.

We went to a few parties, got wasted and one time even had sex in the pool while the rest of the party watched on. Crazy action like that is something that you start to miss out on as you get a little older. I might still go to the occasional party but it’s nothing like the action that you can see with this See My GF discount. Lucky for you guys you’ve still got plenty of time to be the life of the party and have some fun doing it!