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If you have any complaints, questions, submissions or need low budget life counseling you can shoot me an e-mail at . I respect the rights of photographers and the girls shown on the pictures hosted by this website. If you want to have a post removed/deleted just leave your name, the image URL and a proof of property.

This is no jailbait website, the aim is the 18 – 21 niche. Underage nudity is, ofcourse, strictly forbidden, all shown nudity 18+.

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  1. I think “constantly working hard to improve the site” is being a bit eh, economical with the truth but thanks for the kind words anyway ;). As for your suggestions, I’ve been incredibly lazy with properly catagorizing posts whenever I made them, as a result pretty much all pics are in the “amateur teens” catagory, and not much else. I’ll take your comment suggestion onboard, I think if I start making posts containing multiple pictures people will actually have a incentive to click on the post and also comment faster but we’ll see.

    Will also check if I can implement some dark/white theme switch but, as everything with this website, all in good time.

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    1. yeah it’s very dodgy, need to rework it but it’s hard to do without simply upgrading the hosting (hosting your own vids takes a lot of bandwidth). Thanks for the heads up though.

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  2. Hi, may i suggest an alternative to the categorisation of the pictures, that may make your life easier.

    My suggestion would be to implement a keyword search algorithm to search picture comments, meaning that the categorisation can be done by user aswell as yourself, so the work is not soley left for yourself to do.

    Like i said, just a suggestion 🙂

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  3. This is the slowest posting site I have seen. And to be honest, the content lately isn’t even that great. When I first found this site about 2 years ago there were a lot more posts more often with better content. It went from daily posts to weekly apparently. If it’s going to continue on like this I won’t be visiting again.

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